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What I can offer you

I have helped people in times of distress and despair when they have been going through a rough patch or challenging times, or may have been faced with a long term problem.


I specialise in state-of-the-art CBT and EMDR, and I also draw on other approaches such as compassion focused therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy and mindfulness.

Mental Health

Some of the areas that I provide treatment for include stress, anxiety, mild/moderate/severe forms of depression, anger problems, trauma/post traumatic stress (PTSD), obsessions/compulsions (OCD), phobias, and many others.


Two heads are better than one! Listening, talking and interacting in therapy, we can begin to build a therapeutic relationship as our solid foundation. We can both gain a good understanding of your situation and problems, in terms of how they may have arisen, what maintains them and what needs to change.


With a good shared understanding of your problems we can set goals for therapy and then develop an effective treatment plan. In therapy, I am able to draw on a range of expert approaches to assist people to develop more helpful coping strategies and practical skills to address their problems.


I'm located in Reading, Berkshire, Call Me 0774 9480 661

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